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What Our Criminal Defense Clients Say About Us

Exceeded My Expectations

Shashi exceeded my expectations, he was there anytime Ii needed him and was very clear and honest, I was charged with a 3rd degree felony drug charge and he got it dropped to a misdemeanor, ended up not even stepping in a court room, with the best possible outcome. I appreciate everything he did and if you ever get in some trouble CALL SHASHI, you won't regret it. Thank you Shashi you're the best!

Great Attorney

We hired Mr. Jairam to defend me against a petit theft charge. He took the time to explain the process of court, and the possible outcomes I faced. On the day of my appearance, he was able to have my case complete that day. He made no promises other than to work as hard as possible for me, which he did. If not for his efforts, I don't know what the outcome would have been. For anyone needing criminal defense, he is the best.

Satisfied Client

I recently found myself in some very serious legal trouble for the first time in my life, and I didn't want to proceed with my case without an attorney. I didn't waste anytime searching for one because I knew of one who'd proven to be an outstanding lawyer. Shashi had previously helped my brother out with much bigger troubles than I was facing, so I decided to give him a call hoping he could do the same for me. He did exactly that. He was very helpful, easy to reach, and always available to answer any questions I had while dealing with my case. I got the best possible outcome for my case, and in a very tough county in Florida I might add. He really went the extra mile, and showed he really cares about his clients. If you find yourself in any trouble like I did, I'd defiantly recommend giving him a call.

Highly Recommend

I hired Shashi for my expungement. He is very knowledgeable and made the process stress-free. He contacts you with any updates about your case and is always available to answer any of your questions. My first and hopefully only experience with a lawyer was above my expectations! I highly recommend Mr. Jairam.

Do Yourself A Favor, Hire Shashi
I went to Shashi with a pretty hefty plate following a specific situation that lead to my encounter with law enforcement. Mr. Jairam went absolutely above and beyond any expectations I had going in, and I'd spent days reviewing attorneys on Avvo before contacting him. Needless to say that Shashi was not only able to get my charges down, pre-filing, but by the time all was said and done, he was able to work out a miracle arrangement that lead to my case eventually being null-processed and dismissed. Even now to this day he is only a phone call away for anything I need.

If you, like I had, find yourself in a precarious situation, and want the absolute best representation that you can find, do yourself a favor and give Shashi a call. Trust me, you will never regret picking up the phone and meeting with him.

Proactive, Professional & Reliable

MrJairam was hired by me prior to my first court appearance. A very professional and experienced lawyer. I decided to hire him as soon as Ii met him he was very explanatory on possible outcomes on my case. Mr. Jairam and myself came to a very reasonable payment agreement and he was always approachable when needed. Mr. Jairam's experience definitely helped my case and he had the best results for me even before the last court date

Traffic Violation/Immigration
Mr. Jairam did an excellent job with my husband's traffic violation. He conducted a thorough initial interview and was able to successfully expedite the process. He always made himself available when needed, and stayed in contact with us while waiting. He answered all of our questions, and made it a painless process. I would recommend him to anyone who feels they need an attorney on their side.

A Lawyer You Can Count On
Shashi has been there since day one on two separate cases that he represented me on. He makes himself available for you 7 days a week. He has great payment plans and will work with u financially. His services and professionalism is second to none! I highly recommend him as council for anyone.

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What our Immigration Clients Says About Us

K.V Jariam
We hired K. V. Jairam to acquire an Immigration Visa. He is very professional, experienced and.trustworthy. We were very satisfied with his expertise as an immigration Lawyer.

Experienced Expert
Very knowledgeable attorney .... his expertise is worth every penny. I would not be where I Am today without his guidance.
KV's affordable services are a Must.

Fiancé Visa Petition K1 & K2
KV was the best attorney I could have ever found. He made the immigration process for my fiancé so easy. I highly recommend his services, he knows every little nuance to process and made sure we avoided possible problems and helped us through all the bureaucracy. I deal with many attorneys in my business who are not efficient or put in the extra work required for various tasks; KV is highly efficient and provided the service promised at highest level possible level

My Fiancée Visa
I was Referred to Atty. Jairam by a very good friend of mine. I made an appointment to see him and after a few minutes of him explaining how he would handle my situation, I was ready to hire him. This was my second consultation with an attorney. The first one I paid for, the one with Atty. Jairam was free. He goes into detail every stem taken and communicate to everyone involved what's going on and what to expect next. He returns calls promptly. I am very impressed and pleased with his services and would recommend him without reservation to anyone.

Remove Conditions From Green Card
Mr K.V. Jairam took care of my file in a professional manner. Got straight to the point, knew exactly how to approach the subject, prepared all the necessary paperwork for the immigration in a way that I was ready for the interview, the outcome of the job he has done was swiftly positive, I will recommend him to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer.

Inmigration and Real Estate Matters
K. V. Jairam represented me in my immigration matter and the purchase of my real estate coop apartment. In both cases, I was very satisfied with his services. I also recommended my family members and friends to him. He took his time to explain every singly aspect of my matters and I will retain no other attorney but him.

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